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Title: Moments Made Eternity
Author: [personal profile] trobadora
Pairings: Kirk/Spock/Khan, background Kirk/Spock
Universe: AOS, TOS, and an AU
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,366
Summary: This is the moment Khan lives in. - Three universes. Three moments.

( Moments Made Eternity )
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New John Harrison DeviantArt group at

Takes all fanworks featuring John Harrison. Non members and members can submit to the gallery.
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Title: Moonraker 1/?
Author: sorion_writes on DW; sorion on LJ/AO3/FFnet, Tumblr
Fandoms: Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness
Pairing: Kirk/Khan
Genre: character development, character study, character interaction, romance, some adventure
Rating this chapter: Gen
Word count this chapter:
AN: This is a fix-it for Khan. If you don’t like canon characters genetically tampered with and developed, don’t read it. (Apart from that, I will do my best to keep Khan – and everyone else – in character.)
AN2: I will work on this whenever I find the time. Do not expect regular updates. They could take days or several weeks, depending on my RL schedule.

Summary: “Captain... you do not suggest that I am anything but the sum of my genetic programming, surely?” He chuckles, darkly, feels the anger and fury course through him like a steady electrical surge. It is palpable. He can almost taste it on his tongue. “I assure you, Captain, this is who I am.”
Title: All of your hatred. All of your rage is mine alone
Fandom: Star Trek Into Darkness
Pairing: John/Kirk
Words: 989
Spoilers: For the new movie.
Rating: M or NC17
Warning: Rated for strong sexual content and language.
Additional Warnings: non-con
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or its characters
A/N: Written for the Star Trek Into Darkness kink meme at strek_id_kink on livejournal

Summary: It's not the pleasure that gets him off. It's the rage and the hatred.

Links: Ao3 and
Title: Perfection
Author: vickyblueeyez
Fandom: Star Trek Into Darkness
Pairing: Kirk/Harrison
Spoilers: For the new movie
Words: 1271
Rated: M for strong sexual content
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek or its characters.
A/N: Written for a prompt on the strek_id_kink meme and xposted to the other kink memes trekkink and st_aos_kink on livejournal.

Summary: It was something about him that made him want to to just rip and pull that perfect hair of his, and this time, it wasn't Spock who he had in mind.

Links: Ao3 and
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